Goals update

Being consistent is hard!  At the beginning of the year I shared that I had two goals for my personal nature study.

Goal one is what I call my 5280 goal, which is to complete 80 nature journal entries in the next 52 week. So far I have 6 entries, which puts me a bit behind in my goal, but I figure spring entries will make up for. Here are a few new entries: (My most recent entry is from January 31!  It’s now February 15– so I should probably get back to work)




Goal two is a family goal of learning the 40 most common trees in New England.  So far we have “learned” Five trees:  Red Maples (red buds, and opposite branching) Beech trees (long buds, grey bark, and leaves that stay on all winter) Ash trees ( opposite branching and short stocky branches) Yellow Birch (which the book says smell like wintergreen– we’ve been smelling all the birch like trees around but still haven’t found one that smells minty…..) and White Pine (long soft needles in bundles of 5).  But the truth is we still frequently miss identify them…. maybe it will be easier when they have leaves!

Goal three is to GO OUTSIDE!  And we’ve been doing pretty well with this– It help to have a beautiful forest as your backyard!

Hope you have been enjoying keeping up with your own Nature Study Goal!







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