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Discussion Guide for “Who will Plant the Tree”

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Who will Plant a Tree by Jerry Pallotta Don’t be fooled by the fact that this is a simple picture book!  This book is a perfect jumping off place for talking about the topic of desertification and reforestation.  Therefore, this little book guide can have food for thought for your elementry kids, your teens and yourself! Click here for the Discussion Guide

How to use this discussion guide:  “Who will Plant the Tree” is a quick read with great illustrations.  It will only take a few minutes to read (make sure you take time to enjoy the illustrations), then dive in and watch a few of the video link.

Science Topic:

Seed Dispersal:  In this beautiful book the seeds are dispersed and planted in a huge variety of ways by a lot of different animals.  Talk about how awesome it is the nature is so interconnected:  the animals use the plants, but the plants use the animals too!

Watch this video to learn more about seed dispersal– then go back through the book and see if you can find example of each.


Conservation Connection:  “Who will Plant the Tree” is all about the animals doing their part to help trees get planted and grow.  We humans need to do our part too.  The following videos are good for helping upper elementary kids through adults to understand the importance of trees and reforestation.  Yes, I know three videos is a lot!  I just couldn’t decide on one.  And when I asked my kids to help, they each picked a different video!  I think that must mean all three videos are good! So, pick any one of the three videos and go from there!








Ideas to Celebrate the Book:

I think the only way to properly celebrate this book is to plant a tree!  You could start with a part way grown tree from a nursery if you want a good chance that it will make it.  Or maybe try starting several acorns or maple seeds in containers if your adventurous.

And for you parents (and older kids), here is a really cool TED TALK about reversing desertification.  It’s long (about 25 minutes) but it will blow your mind! How to Fight Desertification and reverse climate change 

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