Why the World has Stories

Why the World has Stories

In the beginning of time, when the world was so new, the animals’ jobs were being worked out.  You see, all the plants and animals have jobs.  Some pollinate plants, some eat the insects to keep there from being too many… but all this was still being worked out.

One day rooster refused the crow.  “Why should I get up at first light and wake the world? I’m going back to sleep.”

The dog refused to herd the sheep. “Why should I chase the sheep?  I’d rather chew my bone.”

The sheep refused to give wool.  “Sorry, I don’t want to stand out in the cold.  I’m keeping my wool.”

The horse refused to pull the plow.  “The plow is heavy.  I’d rather just eat the grass”

The cat refused to chase the mice and the cow refused to give milk.

The man was trying to keep a tidy world, but he needed the animals’ help! “If you don’t crow, herd the sheep, pull the plow, chase the mice and give wool and milk then I won’t tell a bedtime story!”

Well, right away the rooster said” I’ll crow”

The dog said “I’ll herd”

The sheep said “I’ll give wool”

The horse said “I’ll pull”

The cat said “I’ll chase the mice”

And the cow said I’ll give milk”

And the man said, “Once upon a time….”

And so today stories are told and animals do work… including the panda whose job it is to look so cute!

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