Earth, Sea, Sky is about Nature Journaling.  It’s also about the natural progression that happens when we learn to really look at and appreciate God’s Creation.  It’s about the process of moving beyond “Nature Study” to recognizing our role in “Creation Care”.  And it’s about overcoming the challenges and appreciating the victories in learning about and caring for God’s amazing creation.


I’m a homeschooling mom with 11 years of experience (wait, can that math possibly be right?  Yep, 11 YEARS!)  Throughout most of those years we have followed a decidedly eclectic homeschool model with a Charlotte Mason/ Waldorf flair (which is to say we love making things, reading things, writing things (well some of us),  and BEING OUTDOORS (all of us) and doing things in the simplest way possible (I was the queen of simple before simplicity was even a thing).  Our homeschool “Nature Studies” taught me how little I knew about the world around me.  This realization led me to a graduate program in Education and Conservation Biology which in turn led to a desire to encourage Homeschoolers and Christians to find their role in Creation Care.  So I hope your ready to join me and move “Beyond Nature Study” and into a whole-hearted celebration of “Earth, Sea and Sky”