Earth, Sea, Sky is about raising resilient kids during this time of climate change.  It’s about coping with the fear, sadness and uncertainty; and about stepping up to challenges. It’s about learning to be adaptable in the face of that change.  And it’s about appreciating the victories as we watch nature and culture adapt.


I’m a homeschooling mom with 11 years of experience.  Throughout most of those years we have followed a decidedly eclectic homeschool model with a Charlotte Mason/ Waldorf flair (which is to say we love making things, reading things, writing things (well some of us),  and BEING OUTDOORS (all of us) and doing things in the simplest way possible (I was the queen of simple before simplicity was even a thing).  Our homeschool “Nature Studies” taught me how little I knew about the world around me.  This realization led me to a graduate program in Education and Conservation Biology.

A year into my graduate course work I saw how much the news of  climate change and environmental degradation effected no only me, but also my children.  And I realized that I did not know how to help them process this difficult  information in a way that allowed them to be happy, healthy and helpful. So I became determine to start a conversation.  A conversation with my kids about life in a changing climate, and a conversation with other parents about parenting in a changing climate.